A Brand New Adventure…OR I’ve Possibly Gone Bat-Shit CRAZY! (When I figure out which one I’ll let you know!)

So, a couple of months ago (probably when I was researching more disturbing movies) I stumbled across an interesting website with a list of town names in Florida. It didn’t look like much, but when I actually started reading this list I realized that I didn’t recognize ANY of those names on that list!  I glanced up at the top of the page & saw that the name of the site I had stumbled upon was called “Ghost Towns.” My 1st reaction was “Holy Hell, we have ghost towns in Florida?!?!” The immediate thought that came into my head next was “Awesome!” Of course my curiosity got the better of me and I clicked the 1st link! I’ve now made it about half way through this list…Some towns were definitely way more interesting than others but ALL had some unique history. I thought to myself “Wouldn’t it be cool to start going down the list & actually finding & photographing these Florida “Ghost Towns?”

So last week a plan was hatched….I started going back through the list & weeding out the former “Towns” that no longer had anything left to show that they had existed (at least no physical evidence) and then chose one that I thought looked challenging, interesting & was geographically easy to get to (Hey, you gotta start somewhere, right?)…Which one did I pick? CENTRALIA!!! I spent several days researching to see the best way to locate this place & if I could find others that had actually located this little gem! I was actually very excited to see that there have been quite a few people who HAD located & documented Centralia through pics & videos! So I picked a day & got ready, after all, if sooooo many other people had been able to find it, I should be able to, Right?

WRONG! The day came to go & I decided to ask my 14-year-old if she wanted to skip school for the day & join me for an educational field trip…Before anyone decides to bitch about what a crappy parent I am for letting my kid to skip school, SCREW OFF! Believe it or not there are some things to be learned outside of the classroom & this was truly a unique experience! So off we went to fabulous Hernando County! After almost 2 hours of driving, we found Centralia Rd! We also managed to find the Centralia Rd. gate entrance to get into the Chassahowitzka Wildlife Management Area…But that gate was locked! So we continued to circle around until we made it to the main entrance to the CWMA & pulled in! At this point it was so late in the day that I wasn’t going romping in the woods…BUT at least I could take some initial photos of the area! I don’t consider the day a total waste as I got some decent 1st pics of the area & now know how to get to it without driving around for hrs…Because of that & the fact that based on my research I had already known that it was more than likely going to take several trips before actually stumbling into the remnants of what was once the booming lumber town of Centralia, I’m NOT disappointed BUT now more excited than ever! If anyone stumbles onto this post & has info to add or some helpful tips, it will be much appreciated!

This is definitely going to take some time, so for now it’s To Be Continued…

 Finding  Centralia
Finding Centralia


The History of a booming lumber town
The History of a booming lumber town
The History of a booming lumber town pt 2
The History of a booming lumber town pt 2
On the map!
On the map!
Could this be the road leading to Centralia?
Could this be the road leading to Centralia?
History of a booming lumber town pt 3
History of a booming lumber town pt 3

IT’S BAAACK…My Thoughts On The Disturbing Movies I’ve Watched!

  Ahhh, “The List”…Yes Folks, “The Disturbing Movies List” IS Still Going Strong! My FB Friends know ALL about it & have even (much to my excitement!) added movies and/or given their reviews on movies they have seen! I’m always excited to have a discussion about something I love! For anyone that happens to come across this particular post, here is a brief explanation of “The List”…

In Aug/Sept of 2014 I came across a sort video list about the most disturbing movies. Being a huge fan of Horror Films, of course it got my attention! I began looking for & watching those movies, which led me to more disturbing movie lists, which then led me to search for those movies & so on & so forth! To date, I have watched quite a few…Some truly sucked ass & others became instant faves! I believe I posted the 1st 50 movies on FB (along w/ where you can find them on line & a brief “Liked” or “Sucked” opinion) & then it was too much of a pain in the butt because the posts were way too freaking long! By posting here, at least it won’t junk up everyone’s time line! Sooo, here it is peeps…

“Jenn’s Most Disturbing Movie List” (In the order watched):

1) Martyrs – Awesome! Had to rent on Google Play but sooooo worth it!

2) Salo – I literally dry heaved during this movie…A lot! Better have a strong stomach to watch…REALLY STRONG! YouTube

3) Antichrist – Very good movie…On YouTube

4) The Girl Next Door – Loved! On YouTube

5) Cannibal Holocaust – Well…YouTube

6) A Serbian Film – I’m not gonna watch this one again, EVER! – YouTube

7) Human Centipede 2 – Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse than the than HC1…WRONG! – Netflix

8) Grotesque – Ewwww! Those Japanese film makers are twisted! YouTube

9) The Poughkeepsie Tapes – Not Bad! YouTube

10) Megan Is Missing – Pretty good…This movie could have been the perfect opportunity to use in schools & at home to scare the living Hell out of teens when it comes to online predators, however probably not a good idea now because I wouldn’t want to actually have my teen get ideas about sex & drugs!

11) The Snowtown Murders – Interesting! Netflix

12) Stoic – This was actually a good little movie! YouTube

13) Vase de Noces – Not one of my prouder moments, so please don’t ask! YouTube

14) Dogtooth – WTF? YouTube

15) Faces of Death – I’ve seen these before & they’re a bit ridiculous! But if you must they’re on YouTube

16) Mum & Dad – OhhhKaaay… YouTube

17) The Woman – Pretty good! Netflix

18) Begotten – WTF? Well there’s 90 minutes of my life I’ll never get back! YouTube

19) August Underground (Penance) – This one has 2 other parts…This part was on YouTube mo

20) American Mary – Loved the movie but hated the ending! On Netflix

21) VHS – I actually kinda liked this movie! Some of it was cheesy, but the gasp out loud parts made up for it! My 2 fave parts were Amateur Night & 2nd Honeymoon! Netflix

22) Last House on the Left – Ok so I kinda cheated on this movie, because I’ve seen both the Original (1972) & the remake 2010?)…Both were awesome, but the original was my favorite!

23) The Woman – Loved it! On Netflix

24) Man (or Men) Behind the Sun – True story of the Japanese army unit 731 & the testing they did on Chinese & Russian POWs during WWII…Pretty sad & definitely a bit brutal in parts…Also kinda slow in the beginning. After researching the actual happenings, it was a really accurate account! YouTube

25) ABC’s of Death – Bahahaha! That’s about all! Netflix

26) Cutting Moments – Interesting & a bit graphic…Only 26 minutes long but it definitely got the point across! YouTube

27) Kids – This movie sucked…I mean big time! YouTube

28) High Tension – Another Kick Ass French Movie!

29) Inside – Awesome! French Again!

30) Funny Games – Not too bad

31) Dead Snow – Ridiculous!

32) FEED – Wow…And NOT necessarily in a good way!

33) Frontier – Loved! You guessed it, French!

34) Cannibal (2006) – I’m pretty sure I got very close to watching gay porn on this one!

35) Sweet Movie – Complete Crap!

36) We Need to Talk About Kevin – Loved it! Very sad story!

37) The Burning Moon – Hhmmm…

38) Dard Divorce – Horrible Acting but some of the fx were decent.

39) Dead Girl – Actually I already saw this one

40) Sick Girl – Loved it! Even though the main character was as evil as they get, she had such a cute little voice!

41) May – Loved this one too! Made me discover a new director that I’m now in love with…Lucky Mckee…He did this one & Sick Girl!

42) Requiem for a Dream – Awesome! Very convincing & I highly recommend!

43) The Class (Klass) – Very good but very heartbreaking!

44) Ken Park – From the same director as Kids…Same result, complete crap! And I’m so not sure who the F Ken Park actually is!

45) August Underground (Mordum) – WTF?

46) Titicut Follies – Documentary about a hospital for the criminally insane made in 1967. It was apparently banned until a couple of years ago…Interesting but somewhat boring at times.

47) The Bunny Game – Art film my ass! The lead Chick was so annoying, I wanted to jump in & kill her myself within the 1st 3 minutes of the movie!

48) August Underground – The 1st of 3 parts…WTF?

49) Aftermath – Spain (1994) Ewww! Thank Jesus it only ran for 29 min! BitTorrent

50) August Underground’s Mordem – I think this was part 2 of the 3 parts…Still almost 2 hrs of wtf/gross! BitTorrent

51) I Spit On your Grave (1970’s) – Not Bad…A little graphic! BitTorrent

52) The Devils (Uncut) – Out of ALL the movies on this list, I probably spent the most time trying to get my hands on this one! I really liked it even though it was extremely weird! BitTorrent

53) Eden Lake (UK) – This movie was truly disturbing to me & stayed on my mind for days after I watched it! I guess you could say it bothered the Hell out of me! BitTorrent

54) Scrapbook – Ugh! BitTorrent

55) Murder, Set, Pieces – Horrible Acting, in fact sooooo bad I wanted to stop watching the damn movie about 10 min into it…Well, 10 min is probably being generous! BitTorrent

56) Excision – I actually really liked this movie! Unique, decent acting & extremely quirky! BitTorrent

57) Gummo – Hhmmmm….The Jury’s still out on this one folks! Another that took me awhile to get my hands on! BitTorrent

58) In a Glass Cage (I think from Germany) – WOW! Subject matter very disturbing as IS the entire movie itself! BitTorrent

59) Visitor Q (Takashi Miike) – This one is quite interesting…And ODD! BitTorrent

60) Bully – Ahhh…Only Larry Clark has the awesome ability to make movie after movie where teenagers are shown to be even more vile little bastards than they are in real life! If I had to pick one of his films, this one would probably be my favorite because it’s actually based on a true story. The movie stayed as close to the actual facts as possible. YouTube

61) Subconscious Cruelty – The most ridiculous piece of shit movie I’ve seen in awhile…2 hrs of my life GONE! But if you don’t believe me, you can find it on BitTorrent

62) Threads (UK) – A bit long but very effective in making you think about being nuked by the damn Russians! The aftermath is startling & pretty realistic in my opinion! BitTorrent

63) The Woodsman – I love Kevin Bacon…Even if his character in this movie is a pedophile! Very good movie! BitTorrent

64) The Loved Ones (Australia) – Loved the movie, Loved the ending & hated the villain so much that throughout the movie I kept picturing hitting her in the head with a large hammer! BitTorrent

65) Kill List – Jesus God the ending really pissed me off…But who knows, you may like it! BitTorrent

66) I Stand Alone (French) – I’m really not too sure about this one guys…It had some very graphic & taboo scenes & subject matter. BitTorrent

67) Naboer (French 2005) aka Next Door – Quite an odd little movie, but I kinda liked it!

68) Nuit et Brouillard 1955 (aka Night & Fog) – Short Doc about the Holocaust…Very Sad! BitTorrent

69) The Bully Project – Documentary…Must Watch! Especially if you have kids in your home! BitTorrent

70) Lord’s of Salem – Not Bad for a Rob Zombie flick…Def weird! BitTorrent

71) Haxan – Weird little Doc/Movie about witchcraft/satanism over the decades…Way Too Long! BitTorrent

72) Melancholie der Engel (aka Angels of Melancholy) – Gross, weird & disturbing in its own rite…You won’t catch me watching this shit a 2nd time! YouTube

73) Angst (aka Fear) – I probably could have done without watching but hey, it was on the list so WTH! BitTorrent

74) Happiness – More mainstream & made in the USA…Actually a pretty decent movie! BitTorrent

75) Calvairre (French) – A bit creepy & disturbing in my opinion but I liked it! The French rock when it comes to bad ass, disturbing cinema! BitTorrent

**Honorable Mention** “A Clockwork Orange” – I’ve actually seen this one several times & read the book just as many, if not more! I Love this movie! 

So there it is Ya’ll! 75 Movies down & Lord knows how many more to go! Please feel free to comment or make suggestions!

So I’ve decided to start a blog…BUT how exactly did I end up in this exact spot on this exact day? I guess I’ll give Ya’ll the “Straight to DVD” version…So here goes nothing! If anyone would have asked me a year ago what I had envisioned my life to be, I’m almost positive I wouldn’t have said “When I grow up I want to be an unemployed, stay at home mom that has no other choice but to rely on someone else to provide income!” But that’s where I am now. I spent the previous 16 years working full time & juggling job, family, home, etc. Was it stressful? Yep! Was I happy? Hell Yeah…Or at least I thought I was. I mean I had a decent job in a field that I loved & was able to make my own money & not have to ask my husband if I needed gas, groceries, etc! I will say I miss that independence! My days are now filled with dropping kids off, picking kids up, listening to kids fight over EVERYTHING, cleaning, cleaning up after kids because they’re too busy fighting to pick up after themselves & well, you get the picture! It’s enough to make any sane person want to take a header off of the Skyway Bridge! And before anyone says anything, I will admit that I was probably not completely sane before this new chapter of my life began but hey at least some sanity was still in place! So how does one go from “Career Barbie” to “F My Life Barbie”…Well here’s a little story for you boys & girls…Last January (2014) I was randomly contacted by one of my previous employers (Who shall remain namless but let’s just say it rhymes with Woodhill 😉) & asked if I would be willing to come back to work for them. Apparently the program that I had previously worked under there had been shut down for a time but was now ready to reopen. They needed help getting everything caught up & wanted someone with the experience to help do that. The money was decent, the schedule flexible & the routine familiar to me…So of course I said “Sign Me Up!” By the end of February I was back & eager to help in any way I could! I saw the 1st of many red flags almost immediately…I was the ONLY person who had any prior experience in this position at “Woodhill” 😉…ALL of my co-workers were new (Although they were awesome!) & were still trying to learn the “Lay of the Land” so to speak & they certainly wouldn’t be getting any assistance from the brand new supervisor! Which brings me to red flags numbers 2 – 304…I could probably do an entire blog series just on the incompetence of this one woman! She knew nothing, lied through her teeth & then her closet drunkenness would prevent her from remembering what she had lied about! So now I’m gonna fast forward quite a bit to save you all from having to listen to the gory details! The gist is this: I did ALL the work, she tried to take ALL the credit, she thought I would make her look bad so she made up some lies, I got put on leave for 2 weeks & ultimately let go 2 days short of what would have been my 90 days! She’s a psycho drunken who*e but I’m not bitter! The weeks following what happened were some of the darkest times. I had trouble adjusting to this new way of life & it sucked! It wasn’t until sometime way later that I suddenly had this random thought pass through my mind… “Maybe you weren’t completely happy in your old lifestyle as you thought.” The 1st couple times I thought it, I kicked that crap straight to the curb! What a freakishly odd thought…I wasn’t happy earning a paycheck? WTF?? Soon after I really started thinking about this & as time went on I allowed that thought to stick around. Having been forced into my new role of “Stay at home Mom” I realized I finally got to do things that I had missed out on for years! I spent an ENTIRE summer with my kids! We took little day trips to beaches, hung out by the pool & got to spend time with family. When school started up again I was able to put my baby boy into VPK for only the 3 hrs of that program (and Thank God for that as we both had a horrible transition!) instead of throwing him into school for 8 – 9 hrs a day & be home when either kiddo couldn’t go to school because they were sick! So now that I’ve been offered a good paying, FT position, I find myself thinking the same thing about the opposite situation. ..I DON’T want to go back to work FT! Funny how these things work! So, If you just happen to be reading this, I’ll leave you with one request. ..Ask yourself “Am I really happy”